Job Descriptions / Employee Handbooks

With every search since 2003, ADK has reviewed and used job descriptions. Job descriptions have legal and practical reasons for organizations and employees. They can be helpful at the point of filling a position, as a basis of performance management, and also when challenging legal issues arise such as employment status and disabilities. Job descriptions should express clear communication of expectations, roles and responsibilities, tasks, essential duties, minimum requirements, employee status and other items. We have found that job descriptions are often outdated or are not relevant to the actual position and sometimes only updated when there is a vacancy for the position. We have revised or created job descriptions for single positions, departments, and entire organizations.

Job descriptions fall behind for many reasons:

  • Changes in federal regulations (Federal regulations are not required elements of job descriptions; however, their inclusion is recommended by SHRM.)
  • Lack of staff and hours to stay current.
  • Frequent turnover in staff.
  • “Creep” in departmental roles and responsibilities.

What are the components of a job description?

  • Set clear job expectations.
  • Give managers guidelines to hire, promote and supervise employees.
  • Help support hiring, disciplinary, promotion, compensation and termination decisions.
  • Help an employer comply with numerous legal requirements.

What are the components of an employee handbook?

Determine your purpose or focus. Is it to welcome new hires? To keep employees up to date on policies? It does not need to read like a boring contract.

  • Use creativity to express the culture, mission, vision, goals.
  • Use clear, attractive language. Consider using colors, blocks, and even photos. It can be inspirational.
  • Share tangible information that sets clear employee expectations, guidelines, policies.
  • Be consistent with your message of who you are, how you function and what you expect from your employees.

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