Pre-Hire Screening

In a digital world, where anybody can post and say whatever they want about themselves, data verification becomes a must.

In today’s environment, organizations can’t afford to have a new hire’s background be an unknown factor when hired. Pre-hire screening provides assurance to employers or sometimes uncovers information that an applicant may be unwilling to provide or disclose in an interview. Pre-screening helps employers avoid surprises such as fraudulent workers’ comp, sexual harassment and more. It is better to know the candidate before the hire than after. The cost of pre-screening is minor compared to embarrassment and legal fees that may arise if action must be taken later. Pre-hire screening can include personality assessments for fit, skills assessments, reference checks, social media checks, and checks on education, driver/vehicle history, prior employment, and criminal background.

ADK proposes a preemployment screening service (fully aligned with Privacy Laws) which aims at verifying the information provided by the candidate, proving it true at the source.

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